Said Dilip Vengsarkar Nobody can fill the place of Sachin.

Mumbai, Feb -23: Master batsman Sachin Tendulkar’s and former captain Dilip Vengsarkar said that place no one can fill. Sachin must retire from ODI cricket, former captain Kapil Dev said that the media and termed hard venkacarkkar, Tendulkar’s said he did not need advice from others.

Sachin always retire to his don’t say other Advice necessarily. And when the time comes rest himself take a decision. To 39 years old Sachin Tendulkar’s good form with. Indian team in the players is very bad play. Master Player Sachin Tendulkar’s in cricket since the retirement of their place and any player can not fill.

Current environment there is no standard players such as Sachin Tendulkar’s. Best players are hard to fill the space. Present Indian team is weak. Sachin best game of the present and future of Indian cricket team players would create good soldiers.

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