Ponting is Elephant in the Room, Sayed Chris Cairns

Sydney: earlier New Zealand Captain Chris Cairns called Australian big Ricky Ponting the elephant in the room' and said Cricket Australia (CA) requests to end his 16-year Test career.The famous all-rounder feels that Ponting's retreat is the best way forward for Australian cricket.

I don't think you can have two years averaging 27 as a No.3. I think it's his time. And when you look at the like of Mark Taylor, [Ian] Healy, Mark Waugh - they be told it was their time. And there's an elephant in the room at the second in Ricky Ponting that nobody is really address,' Cairns was quoted as saying by the Sydney Morning bearer of news.

Cairns feel Ponting should retire after the second Test aligned with New Zealand in Hobart.Don't get me wrong, I've got the maximum respect for Ricky Ponting but there's a time and a place. And for me, his time and rest is Hobart in the second Test against New Zealand. That's to say, 'Thanks very much',' he said

Carins said Australian selectors needed to build the hard call on the soon-to-be 37-year-old.Australia for me was an unbending cricket nation, but I've felt there's been decision they make that have been compromise (in) the last couple of years. They've permitted Ricky to keep going since of his stature in the game and who he is,' Cairns said.

'But why must he have to make the call? At the end of the day, for me, Australia has all the time been about the team and what's best. He is following Bradman, Australia's greatest batsman, so they're organization it. But I just think it's an elephant in the room. I really do. Australia has got upgrading to do,' he said.

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