Yuvraj is good condition. Said doctors

Yuvraj Singh's response to chemotherapy has left his medical team fairly confident that the meditational semi formal he had been diagnosed with will not come back. Dr Nitesh Rohatgi, a key member of Yuvraj's medical team told. Yuvraj undergo 3 cycles of chemotherapy, the last one in hospital before being discharge, and is predictable to return to India in the first half of April.

Rohatgi, senior medical oncologist at Delhi Max Cancer Center said Yuvraj Singh, diagnose with a meditational semi formal, a germ-cell tumors among his lungs, had respond well to therapy. "He has had the normal treatment for such tumours, which is three cycles of chemotherapy followed by a austere protocol based follow-up and we are with care confident that it will not come back.

The doctor’s progressive assessment over the period of almost two months of chemotherapy had indicated that the tumors mass detected earlier has now shrunk significantly. Has come down faster than predictable and both the signs jointly are comforting of the fact that the cancer should be on the way out of his system. Yuvraj has been in the US for treatment as end January. He underwent chemotherapy in Indianapolis at the Indiana University's IU Simon Cancer Center below the management of Rohatgi and Lawrence H Einhorn, who had head the treatment of cycling champion Lance Armstrong in 1996.

Following the three cycles of chemotherapy, Rohatgi said that while Yuvraj's tumour marker had normalized his readings of the liver and kidney test remain robust, representative that the chemotherapy has not irrevocably damaged his body. All the side-effects he has had so far are reversible and we've seen cipher of quick revival between cycles of chemotherapy.

When asked about a specific time frame for Yuvraj's return to full fitness, Rohatgi said it was, variable. In our experience, mine from cases in the UK and Dr Einkorn’s from the US, patients get back to good normal activity in a month's time. Whether that also amounts to excellent training capabilities we will only find out in time. Yuvraj is very strong-minded.

Yuvraj will stay in the US for between two to three weeks due to what Rohatgi called a safety period that had to be experiential following chemotherapy. His then step would now above all be to get back to health and go through a follow-up and check-up custom through blood tests and CT scans, none of which would break off any of Yuvraj's schedules. Along with physical recovery, Rohatgi said Yuvraj Singh had spiritually handled the chemotherapy very well. The common psychological effect on patients of cancer and chemotherapy can be despair, but Yuvraj has tackled it very well. He came across to us as an main person who said when this get over let me get back on track.

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